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October 24, 2004

Man Of The People

Man of All the People. In this photo, more than 30,000 people showed up for Kerry/Edwards in Ohio last October 21st. None were required to sign loyalty oaths.

He Said, He Said. Pat Robertson said God told him Iraq will be a mess and that he warned George Bush about it. According to Pat, Bush replied, "Oh no, we're not going to have any casualties".

Immediately the White House crew--Karl Rove, Karen Hughes and Scott McClellan--jumped Robertson. They said Bush never made such a comment and pretty much called Robertson a liar. They stopped short, however, of calling God a flip flopper.

Dances with Wolves. In the spirit of Halloween, Bush/Cheney '04 continues its scare tactics with a new ad called "Wolves". Meant to scare voters into voting for Bush, it had ominous music and narration as the camera panned across a deep dark forest, slowly focusing on a marauding bunch of...puppies?

I thought the ad was hilarious, except the wolves in the ad didn't think so. They say they've been duped.

Are the alarmist claims in the ad even true? Apparently not, according to the nonpartisan Factcheck.org. For one thing, when the ad says "first terrorist attack on America", it meant the 1992 Twin Towers attack, not 9/11. But of course it doesn't tell you that.

War Room suggested Kerry/Edwards '04 counter with an ad a la the movie The Village, except I want it to show Bush/Cheney scaring the village people with sock puppets.

Sinclair Shenanigans. Because of unprecedented public outrage, stockholder revolt and plummeting stock prices, the Republican-leaning Sinclair backed down from showing the anti-Kerryfilm Stolen Honor. Instead it showed portions of the film in a "news show" that Media Matters said was still lopsided against Kerry.

Sinclair preposterously claimed it's a First Amendment victim when it was obviously partisan, rejecting to give the pro-Kerry film Upriver equal time. Stolen Honor is, to say the least, factually challenged. Slate called it a "a sleazy little piece of work, a cunning act of libel-by-insinuation that introduces no facts that have not been public information for at least 30 years".

Unlike Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 which one has to pay to see, Sinclair broadcasts over the public airwaves and is subject to federal law requiring equal time. It seems Sinclair forgot who's boss. Come November 2nd, we should remind them.

• Image from johnkerry.com.

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