Wonky Muse
Wonky Muse

January 11, 2005

Hall of Shame

So much for Homeland Security: "D.C. officials said yesterday that the Bush administration is refusing to reimburse the District for most of the costs associated with next week's inauguration, breaking with precedent and forcing the city to divert $11.9 million from homeland security projects."

Ready for his closeup. In his visit to Sri Lanka, "just before his helicopter lifted off, [Senate majority leader Bill] Frist and aides took snapshots of each other near a pile of tsunami debris. 'Get some devastation in the back,' Frist told a photographer."

Give me a T... "[Accused prisoner abuse leader Charles] Graner's attorney said piling naked prisoners into pyramids and leading them by a leash were acceptable methods of prisoner control. He compared this to pyramids made by cheerleaders at sports events and parents putting tethers on toddlers. 'don't cheerleaders all over America form pyramids six to eight times a year. Is that torture?'"

Good 'ol compassionate conservatism. On his radio talk show, right wing pundit Michael Savage said, "many of the countries and the areas in these countries that were hit by these tidal waves were hotbeds of radical Islam. Why should we be helping them destroy us?...I don't want one nickel of my money going over there...I am sick of being bled to death by every damn incident on the earth."

Integrity in Journalism. The right rejoiced as heads rolled in the CBS news memo scandal. Liberal bias, they chanted, although there was no such finding in the independent review and the station's real sin is trying to outscoop the competition. Meanwhile, journalist Armstrong Williams received $240,000 of taxpayer money from the government to push its agenda in a payout that is not only unethical but possibly illegal. Perhaps the Bush Administration will follow CBS's lead, take responsibility, do a mea culpa and make full disclosure on its covert propaganda practices? Naah.

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