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December 8, 2005

Religious Conservatives on White House Holiday Cards: We Are Not Pleased

The Early Show has the card in a news segment here [click video link on right sidebar] including a clip of William Donohue [see below] with steam coming out of his ears.

WaPo article on the brouhaha. Some choice quips from religious demagogues:

"This clearly demonstrates that the Bush administration has suffered a loss of will and that they have capitulated to the worst elements in our culture," said William A. Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.

Bush "claims to be a born-again, evangelical Christian. But he sure doesn't act like one," said Joseph Farah, editor of the conservative Web site WorldNetDaily.com. "I threw out my White House card as soon as I got it."


"It bothers me that the White House card leaves off any reference to Jesus, while we've got Ramadan celebrations in the White House," [American Family Association president Tim] Wildmon said. "What's going on there?"
I've always believed religious conservatives are being played for fools by the Bush White House whose allegiance is first and foremost to big money, but this manufactured controversy is truly pathetic.

"Ninety-six percent of Americans celebrate Christmas," Donohue said.
Exactly, Mr. Donohue. You're not the persecuted minority, so what's your point?

"Spare me the diversity lecture."
No, you spare us the faux indignance. Shame on you for creating a war in the name of baby Jesus. If there's a Grinch who stole the spirit of the season it's bloviating sourpusses like you who spoil it for everybody.

You should listen to the likes of the National Council of Churches who has their priorities straight:

"I think it's more important to put Christ back into our war planning than into our Christmas cards," said the council's general secretary, the Rev. Bob Edgar, a former Democratic congressman.
And a friggin' Happy Holidays to you too, Mr. Donohue.

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