Wonky Muse
Wonky Muse

May 1, 2006

Bay Buchanan, Compassionate Conservative

This came out a few days ago, but I can't get past the gall of these people:

I believe that Katrina is is... has worn its welcome. I mean... and I think we've heard about it, we've heard about it, the American people have responded, the President has suffered and weakened his poll numbers... and and but to suggest that somehow this is going to continue to to to... play against him I think the American people are getting a little tired of it myself.
Gee, Bay, I wish you would go to New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast devastated by Katrina and tell them that.

Because unlike you and your ilk who fervently wish to bury this testimony to your leader's monumental failure and dereliction of duty, the people of the Gulf Coast don't have the luxury of "getting tired of it". They are still living in the middle of the devastation to this day, every day.

"The President has suffered". Huh? Are we supposed to feel sorry for him?

Why don't you reserve your compassion for the victims of Katrina who truly deserve it, they who have suffered devastation and degradation no American, nay, no human being, deserved to go through?

Why, just two days ago, FEMA has announced that it's ending rental assistance to the victims, whether they can afford to pay rent or not.

Large sections of New Orleans are still in shambles and now we learn the levees are not fully ready for the next hurricane season.

Do you think the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast will just get tired of it and forget?

Every time a new hurricane comes, do you think anyone of us will just get tired of it and forget?

Not on your life. And come November, we will remind you.

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