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August 26, 2008

DNC '08: Michelle Obama

It was an amazing speech. The full transcript is here, though a mere reading won't do it justice. You have to watch and listen to Michelle deliver the speech and make it come to life.

I hate using this word because it's so hackneyed, but she was very authentic. Listening to her speak, you get the feeling that this is who Michelle is. The more I know her, the more I am impressed with this woman. Strong, compassionate, smart. She would make a wonderful 21st century First Lady.

Joining her after the speech to talk with Barack via sattelite were her young daughters Malia and Sasha who promptly upstaged their parents. The four of them looked the perfect picture of a young, dynamic and vibrant First Family.

It's laughable how anyone can believe that the Obamas are arrogant elitists. They both had a normal, working class American upbringing. Unlike the Bushes or the McCains, nothing was handed to them; they weren't born with silver spoons. These are decent, hardworking people who value serving the common good.

Even more ridiculous are those who are "scared" of the Obamas, when every dirty innuendo and smear campaign directed at them were character assassinations and fearmongering with no basis in fact.

Of course the Republicans and their wingnut horde are good at this, exploiting fear. Exploiting how the Obamas are "different" (code word for black). How Barack Obama has a strange sounding name and how he doesn't have "uniquely American values".


If you're scared of Barack Obama, then you're scared of America, because diversity is quintessentially American. We've never been a homogeneous nation like China, for instance. You take a cross sample of this country and you see faces that are as unique for their features as they are for their origin. Our willingness to embrace diversity is what defines us and makes this nation great.

It's beyond exasperating and stupid that this has to be pointed out, because you know what's really scary? Four more years of the lies, the malfeasance, the incompetence, the failures, the torture and the abuse of power of the Bush years that will continue if McCain becomes president.

Now that is scary.

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