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August 15, 2008

McCain The Usurper

McCain wants the presidency so bad he forgets his place:

Standing behind a lectern in Michigan this week, with two trusted senators ready to do his bidding, John McCain seemed to forget for a moment that he was only running for president.

Asked about his tough rhetoric on the ongoing conflict in Georgia, McCain began: "If I may be so bold, there was another president . . ."

He caught himself and started again: "At one time, there was a president named Ronald Reagan who spoke very strongly about America's advocacy for democracy and freedom."
Let's review: McCain was trash talking Russia even before Bush, and also spoke for us all by declaring "we are all Georgians" now. He talks daily to President Saakashvili, an access likely facilitated by McCain's foreign policy adviser Randy Scheuneman whose firm lobbied for Georgia (which makes you wonder, if McCain is truly for campaign and lobbying reform, why he surrounds himself with lobbyists). He also sent his two handmaidens, Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman, to Georgia to act as his own emissaries.

Hmm, presumptuous much?

Just imagine the howls all over wingnuttia and the so-called liberal media if Obama said and did these. Yet they applaud this man who's exploiting a volatile international crisis to score cheap political points, interfering in a situation he doesn't seem to know much about:

We, we will decide in subsequent days as whether degree of provocation and whe-- who was right and who was wrong.

Even his friend "Misha" Saakashvili seems to know that McCain is all about empty gestures:

“Yesterday, I heard Sen. McCain say, ‘We are all Georgians now,’” Saakashvili said on CNN’s American Morning. “Well, very nice, you know, very cheering for us to hear that, but OK, it’s time to pass from this. From words to deeds.”
Perhaps someone should remind McCain that he isn't the heir apparent yet. Just a pretender to the throne.

More reactions at Memeorandum.

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