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Wonky Muse

October 27, 2008

Breaking: Feds Foil Obama Assassination Plot

ABC News reporting:

The ATF has arrested two reputed neo-Nazi skinheads for an alleged plot to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.

The alleged plotters were also planning to kill 88 individuals by gunfire and 14 African-Americans by decapitation, federal law enforcement sources tell ABC News...

According to law enforcement sources, the suspected plotters admitted to investigators that they were planning to rob a gun shop to steal weapons for their killing spree. Their final act was to be a plan to kill Obama.
This is one of my biggest worries. With him being most likely the first African American President of the United States coupled with the toxic political environment being fomented by the GOP to delegitimize his win even before it happens, how many crazed racists like this will come out of the woodwork?

I almost wish Obama would ride a bulletproof popemobile every time he appears in public.


George Stephanopoulos also reports that according to a Senior Obama aide, they weren't given a heads up by the ATF on the assassination plot.

Why not?! Aren't they supposed to take all threats seriously?

I don't like this. It seems there's a tendency for the authorities to dismiss these threats to Obama's life simply because the plotters look like amateur wackos.

A similar dismissive attitude was on display with the last reported assassination plot against Obama, when Colorado's U.S. Attorney Troy Eid, a Rove appointee, declined to press conspiracy charges against the plotters, dismissing their plan as more "aspirational" than "operational", even though to their credit, the FBI wanted charges filed. In contrast, Eid pressed charges against a black man in prison who sent a threatening letter to John McCain.

Not. good.

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