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October 10, 2008

McCain's Rage

uncontrollable... doesn't think before he acts... penchant for erupting unpredictably... the dark side of John McCain... deep anger, hostility... knee jerk response... bellicose, redfaced angry guy who constantly explodes...

These were the words used by some of the over thirty government officials, military officers, journalists and ordinary citizens who attest to John McCain's volatile temper.

One of the most disturbing incidents that proves this is narrated in this video at the 2:58 mark, when the relative of a missing Vietnam POW/MIA described how McCain backhanded a young woman named Jeanette Jenkins, causing her to hit the wall so loud it resonated in the hallway.

There was also this incident in 2005 at a casino in Puerto Rico (McCain is a known gambler) as described by Michael Kinsley:

McCain’s game is craps. So is Jeff Dearth’s. Jeff was at the table when McCain showed up and happily made room for him. Apparently there is some kind of rule or tradition in craps that everyone’s hands are supposed to be above the table when the dice are about to be thrown. McCain—“very likely distracted by one of the many people who approached him that evening,” Jeff says charitably—apparently was violating this rule. A small middle-aged woman at the table, apparently a “regular,” reached out and pulled McCain’s arm away. I’ll let Jeff take over the story:

“McCain immediately turned to the woman and said between clenched teeth: ‘DON’T TOUCH ME.’ The woman started to explain...McCain interrupted her: ‘DON’T TOUCH ME,’ he repeated viciously. The woman again tried to explain. ‘DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU’RE TALKING TO?’ McCain continued, his voice rising and his hands now raised in the ‘bring it on’ position. He was red-faced. By this time all the action at the table had stopped. I was completely shocked. McCain had totally lost it, and in the space of about ten seconds. ‘Sir, you must be courteous to the other players at the table,’ the pit boss said to McCain. “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? ASK ANYBODY AROUND HERE WHO I AM.”

This being Puerto Rico, the pit boss might not have known McCain. But the senator continued in full fury—“DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU’RE TALKING TO? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?”—and crisis was avoided only when Jeff offered to change places and stand between McCain and the woman who had touched his arm.
Arrogant hothead seems an apt description of the guy. A seeming inability to keep his anger under control, coupled with his erratic behavior during the presidential campaign, shows McCain isn't the kind of man we can trust with dealing with our enemies, much less the nuclear button.

It's a question of temperament and character. In the second debate, McCain himself said the country needs a "cool hand at the tiller". It's becoming increasingly evident that that is not John McCain.

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