Wonky Muse
Wonky Muse

February 22, 2006

Bush's Mistakes

I would rather call them failures:

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best, "The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons." And no administration in U.S. history has spoken louder, or as often, of its honor. So let us count our spoons.

Emergency Management: They completely failed to manage the first large-scale emergency since 9/11. Despite all their big talk and hundreds of billions of dollars spent on homeland security over the past four years, this administration proved itself stunningly incompetent when faced with an actual emergency. (Katrina Relief Funds Squandered)

Fiscal Management: America is broke. No wait, we're worse than broke. In less than five years these borrow and spend-thrifts have nearly doubled our national debt, to a stunning $8.2 trillion. These are not your father's Republicans who treated public dollars as though they were an endangered species. These Republicans waste money in ways and in quantities that make those old tax and spend liberals of yore look like tight-fisted Scots.

This administration is so incompetent that you can just throw a dart at the front page of your morning paper and whatever story of importance it hits will prove my point.

Katrina relief: Eleven thousand spanking new mobile homes sinking into the Arkansas mud. Seems no one in the administration knew there were federal and state laws prohibiting trailers in flood zones. Oops. That little mistake cost you $850 million -- and counting.

Medicare Drug Program: This $50 billion white elephant debuted by trampling many of those it was supposed to save. The mess forced states to step in and try to save its own citizens from being killed by the administration's poorly planned and executed attempt to privatize huge hunks of the federal health safety net.
And the list goes on.

From Iraq to Katrina, from Medicare to human rights, the Bush Administration committed and continues to commit dereliction of duty that is stunning in its depth and scope.

Meanwhile, his party which controls all three branches of government continues to tolerate and endorse his excesses instead of holding him accountable.

At the same time, a compliant and profit-centric media, now owned by a handful of mega-corporations, has become nothing more than a bullhorn for the ruling class.

Just think: one thousand forty three more days to go. Yet it's not too early to devise a plan to boot this worthless bunch out of office.

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