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Wonky Muse

July 18, 2006

Gays Aren't the Real Threats to Marriage

Last month, the measure was previously defeated in the Senate; not surprisingly, it was defeated again in the House today, with a margin of 236-187.

The desperate Republicans know they're in trouble come November and can't resist polarizing the country and manipulating their base by bringing up the issue of a constitutional gay marriage ban.

They keep rationalizing this cheap tactic in the name of protecting traditional marriage from "activist judges". What activist judges? Three of five previous rulings striking down state gay marriage bans have been overturned on appeal.

Besides, let's be honest here. This is about denying our fellow citizens the right to choose whom to marry based solely on their sexual orientation. It has nothing to do with protecting "traditional marriage". If it did, then how come no Republicans are jumping at the chance to outlaw divorce and adultery which are the biggest destroyers of "traditional marriage"?

Rep. Lincoln Davis (D-TN) called their bluff:

Marriage is for life, and this amendment needs to include that basic tenant. Therefore, Mr. Speaker, I think we should expand the scope of the amendment to outlaw divorce in this country. Going further Mr. Speaker, I believe in fidelity. Adultery is an evil that threatens the marriage and the heart of every marriage, which is commitment.

How can we as a country allow adulterers to go unpunished and continue to make a mockery of marriage? Again by doing so, what lessons are we teaching our children about marriage? I certainly think that it shows we are not serious about protecting the institution and this is why I think the amendment should outlaw adultery and make it a felony.
What say you Republicans, you heroic defenders of gay marriage you? Any takers?

I didn't think so.

Image: AFP/File/Hector Mata.

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