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January 30, 2007

McCain Vs. McCain

As this video documents, John McCain is more like the Doubletalk Express:

Things aren't going so snappy for John McCain. As Markos notes, his poll numbers are commencing a slow drain circle courtesy of the McCain Escalation Doctrine, Chuck Hagel is stealing his "Republican maverick" mantle, and now Robert Greenwald and Cliff Schecter have hooked up to create TheREALMcCain, a blog dedicated to…well, the guy John McCain probably really is when he's not playing John McCain.
McCain has really done a good job of destroying his credibility all by himself. Unfortunately for him, this is the age of Youtube, when macaca moments have nowhere to hide. Greenwald and Schecter document McCain's numerous moments of doublespeak in all its glory at their outstanding web site, TheREALMcCain.

It's high time that big media stop fawning over this guy. Even the public is ahead of them, as evidenced by McCain's slide in ratings, and McCain knows it. Consider this testy exchange with Arianna Huffington in Davos, when he lost his temper -- something he is infamous for -- after being challenged on why he kept insisting that those opposed to the Iraq escalation are from the far left when even conservative Republicans like Sam Brownback oppose it.

McCain is no maverick; he embraces Bush both literally and figuratively. From habeas corpus to gay marriage, McCain shows his willingness to reverse his position in order to endear himself to the Republican conservative base. In his mind he is the sole and rightful heir to the Bush mantle. Ironically, he just might get his wish:

McCain had trapped himself. He is now chained to Bush. As Bush's war has escalated, McCain's popularity has nose dived. Still the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, he might have made himself more acceptable to the base, but his political strategy has shattered his myth. Bearing the burden of Bush, he may have become unelectable.
Update: This guy talks from both sides of his mouth so often it's hard to keep up.

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