Wonky Muse
Wonky Muse

March 18, 2007

Dear Mr. Broder

You said,

The Democratic sponsors said that this accountability offensive is exactly what people voted for in November, meeting what Waxman termed "the public's call for fundamental reform."

Accountability is certainly important, but Democrats must know that people were really voting for action on Iraq, health care, immigration, energy and a few other problems. Investigations are useful, but only legislation on big issues changes lives.
It's called checks and balances, not an oversight "offensive".

It's what the Republican controlled Congress should've done in the first place, instead of being a rubberstamp accomplice of the White House.

And if you and your D.C. media establishment friends held Bush and the GOP accountable instead of making nice, then we wouldn't have had to wait for the Dems to do it.

As for legislation on Iraq, health care and immigration, the GOP didn't do squat about that in the six years they were in power, yet you're scolding the Dems who are barely four months into their term for not doing it fast enough for you. Meanwhile, you feel (h/t: Atrios) for the "Bush appointees" now being held to account.

Yes, Iraq, health care and immigration are big issues and they change lives but we the people don't want just legislation. We want meaningful, effective legislation that would correct the unmitigated disaster of the last six years. And who's impeding this? It's Bush and the Republicans in the Senate. Shouldn't you be scolding them?

And no, we're not willing to forego oversight. Unlike you, we're not about making nice.

We demand both. We deserve both. Congress should do both. It's their job. And it is your job to call them on it if they don't.

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