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Wonky Muse

September 23, 2007

Video of the Week: "That, Sir, is not only un-American, it is dictatorial"

From the full transcript, via Digby:

Mr. Bush, you had no right to order General Petraeus to become your front man.

And he obviously should have refused that order and resigned rather than ruin his military career.

The upshot is -- and contrary it is, to the MoveOn advertisement -- he betrayed himself more than he did us.

But there has been in his actions a sort of reflexive courage, some twisted vision of duty at a time of crisis. That the man doesn’t understand that serving officers cannot double as serving political ops, is not so much his fault as it is your good, exploitable, fortune.

But Mr. Bush, you have hidden behind the General’s skirts, and today you have hidden behind the skirts of ‘the planted last question’ at a news conference, to indicate once again that your presidency has been about the tilted playing field, about no rules for your party in terms of character assassination and changing the fabric of our nation, and no right for your opponents or critics to as much as respond.

That, sir, is not only un-American, it is dictatorial.
And how is MoveOn doing, in spite of being made public enemy #1 by Bush and the Republicans?

MoveOn, for those who are familiar only with Bill O'Reilly's frothing at the mouth rants, is an advocacy group with 3.3 million members across the country.

Within 24 hours of the ridiculous Congressional resolution condemning the MoveOn ad, the organization raised $500,000 and countless letters of support from members of the military.

As of this writing, MoveOn has received a total of $1.5 million (and counting).

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