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Wonky Muse

February 13, 2008

McCain's Bellicose Aura

Max Boot hearts John McCain because when it comes to war, he's more batshit crazy than Bush:

President Bush has not done enough to back up his threats against Iran and Syria, beyond pushing for economic sanctions of limited value at a time when oil is hitting $100 a barrel. The president has refused to authorize even limited special operations strikes on jihadist networks inside Syria or Iran...

In my (admittedly biased) opinion, the leading candidate to scare the snot out of our enemies is a certain former aviator who has been noted for his pugnacity and his unwavering support of the American war effort in Iraq. Ironically, John McCain's bellicose aura could allow us to achieve more of our objectives peacefully because other countries would be more afraid to mess with him than with most other potential occupants of the Oval Office -- or the current one.
I bet Das Boot was singing and clapping along to McCain's little "bomb bomb Iran" ditty. Of course he isn't McCain's only fan. So is John Bolton and the rest of the neocon cabal.

Kevin Drum sums up the insanity:

Now, you might think that after seven years of trying exactly this, with only the current collapse in our fortunes to show for it, the neocon establishment might at least pause for a moment to wonder if there's more to foreign policy than scaring the snot out of our enemies. But no. The real problem, apparently, is simply that the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld administration wasn't good enough at it. Not bellicose enough. Not unilateral enough. Not warlike enough. What America needs is someone even more bloodthirsty than the crew that got us into this mess.
As Steve Benen noted, so much for the "moderate" John McCain. Hopefully, Boot's loony endorsement debunks that ridiculous myth.

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