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Wonky Muse

May 14, 2005

Breaking Ranks

First the Good News. From the Wall Street Journal via Think Progress:

[O]nly 36% of all adults say Mr. Bush's comments on saving and strengthening Social Security are his real motives for changing the program, while 49% believe his real agenda is to dismantle it.
The unity of the Democrats as well as the grassroots movement is paying off in spite of George W. Bush's expensive phase out campaign.

Now the Bad News.

...Representative Robert Wexler of Florida said on Friday: "I have the largest amount of Social Security recipients of any Democrat anywhere in the country. My allegiance to seniors is greater than my allegiance to the Democratic Party."

The proposed legislation, which Mr. Wexler plans to outline on Monday in Florida, calls for a 6 percent tax on all income above the current $90,000 cap. Three percentwould be paid by workers and 3 percent paid by their employers.

I just finished wagging my finger at Bill Clinton and now this. What was Robert Wexler thinking?

I find that bit about allegiance to seniors and not the Democratic Party particularly exasperating. Focus on the more pressing problems of the country, Mr. Wexler. By providing George W. Bush the political cover he wants, you are undoing everyone's hard work. It is not a sign that you care and I doubt seniors will appreciate that.

On top of this, Dan Rostenkowski leans hard on Rahm Emanuel:

[Dan Rostenkowski, the former chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee] walked up to [Rep. Rahm] Emanuel [D-Ill] and asked him, in his usual growl, when the Democrats were going to do something on Social Security.

"You've got to come up with a program. You've got to show some gumption,'' Rosty told Emanuel.

Why this compunction among establishment Democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory I'll never understand.

Calling Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Will you please whip these folks into shape?

Mr. Wexler also deserves to hear from us. Contact info here.

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