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Wonky Muse

May 19, 2005

Donald Luskin's Response

My e-mail:

I am the "musenla on the De Profundis blog" that you mentioned in your post regarding the Warren Buffett quote.

First, though your allegations are erroneous, I have to credit you for pointing out the error regarding the Buffett quote.

Second, your link to my post is wrong. Here is the correct link: Knock It Off, Bill. A change has been made to reflect the correction on the Warren Buffett quote.

Third, because you mentioned me and my blog by name -- albeit erroneously -- I felt the need to respond here: Gotcha?.

Fourth, I have to second Calculated Risk and say that he is indeed the source of the quote. Even Brad DeLong in his entry prominently linked to Calculated Risk as the source.

Finally, I am concerned with your insinuation that there is an intent to mislead. I honestly believe that Professor DeLong committed a formatting error. I in turn inadvertently perpetuated that error by repeating it on my blog. But that is all it is, an error.

There is no "conspiracy" here. I have sent my apologies to Professor DeLong and Calculated Risk and corrected the entry in question. I hope, in the interest of fairness, that you would note that on your posts.

I await your response with the intent of posting it on my blog.

Thank you.

His response:

Yes, the forensic trail now shows conclusively that the error was entirely DeLong's, in which he misquoted Calculated Risk's correct quotation of Buffett. You are an innocent bystander. This is all DeLong's fault. I am indicating such on my original blog entry.

Donald L. Luskin
Chief Investment Officer
Trend Macrolytics

Yes indeed, the "forensic trail", which should've been established before one makes allegations, not after.

He made corrections to his posts here, here, here and here.

posted at 12:29 AM by Wonky Muse

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