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October 13, 2005

The Harris Touch

From the St. Petersburg Times:

When U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris decided to take on Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, even the skeptics in her own party acknowledged her strengths as a candidate: a tireless worker, a celebrity to the Republican base, a renowned talent for raising big money.

But that crucial fundraising ability no longer looks like a sure thing for the Sarasota congresswoman.

Harris said Wednesday she raised less than $1-million during the three months ending Sept. 30. That's less than half what the Nelson campaign says it raised in the same period, and considerably less than what would have quieted the doubts about her candidacy.
The Republican Party is at best lukewarm to Harris's candidacy, openly recruiting other candidates they believe have a better chance of unseating Nelson. So far, no one's taking them up on it because of Harris's supposed magic touch in raising campaign funds.

But the magic seems to be waning, due in part to Harris's lack of party support and having to compete for campaign dollars with other political heavyweights in Florida. Jeb Bush for one, is raising major bucks.

Finally, the other major factor is Nelson's big lead over Harris at the polls. According to Political Wire, a new poll tells us that Nelson would easily defeat Harris in the 2006 Florida Senate race, 48% to 26%.

It's obviously to our advantage if Harris stays in the race. Considering the shameful role she played in the 2000 presidential election, I'd be more than thrilled to see her re-election bid go down in flames.

Will she get her mojo back? The second quarter fundraising figures will tell.

Perhaps a little more of that flirty wiggle will help.

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