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November 1, 2005

Reviews of Malkin's Latest

Priceless reviews of Michelle Malkin's latest tome:

What a great book!!!!!!, November 2, 2005
Reviewer:G. Waterman (Los Angeles)

Michelle rocks!!! She's the coolest advocate of racial profiling EVER!!! Detention camps ROCK!! You go, girl! Lock 'em all up, baby! All the swarthy ones.

And I really, really, like the cover art, too. The image looks just like Michelle --- she's totally so cool, so down with that, so like, into the whole self-deprecation thing. I got to admire her for that. I mean, the reviewer that talked about the visual image of the gnashing teeth and the snarling and the bulging eyes stuff --- I mean, that's our Michelle, the way we love her.

First-rate book by a first-rate journalist, November 2, 2005
Reviewer:Marjorie Hildebrandt (Rosko, Nebraska)

One of the finest political analyists of her generation, Ms. Malkin has written a serious and scholarly dissertation on the state of affairs in today's polarized political climate. In addition, she has surprisingly included an unexpected chapter on her favorite seasonal holiday recipes. Brimming with festive pictures, Malkin delights us with scrumptious pumpkin casseroles, sinfully decadent chocolate mousses, and my favorite, a marble-swirled triple-layered English trifle soaked with sherry!

This excellent book is marred only by Malkin's unfortunate decision to include a disturbingly graphic description of a fungal sore on her left thigh in the third chapter. Why she chose to do this, I simply don't understand, as it relates to nothing else in the book.

Three cheers for Michelle Malkin, a poet and scholar of our time.

I doubt I'll ever finish it., November 2, 2005
Reviewer:Gen. JC Christian, patriot (Tremonton, UT United States)

I want to like Mrs. Malkin's book, but I'm really struggling to get through it. Every ten pages or so, I'm overcome with the urge to get out my big bag of M&Ms and segregate out all of the brown ones. I then take these "unter-kandies" and lock them away in a baby jar where I taunt them while touching myself inappropriately.

More here, before Amazon deletes them.

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