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Wonky Muse

August 13, 2007

Breaking News: Karl Rove To Resign

Rove tells The Wall Street Journal's Paul Gigot he's leaving the end of this month. Here is his full interview with Gigot.

More from MSNBC which reports that Bush will make a statement with Rove today. Rove is the latest of an increasing list of Administration officials who have announced their resignation.

So Rove cites the proverbial "more time with the family excuse", which I'm having a hard time buying. It's hard to imagine Bush letting him go for such a stock reason, considering how much Bush relied on Rove from the very beginning when he ran for Texas Governor in 1993. Besides, if Bush didn't let him resign a year ago, why let him resign now, especially with all the bad news besetting his Administration?

Second, Rove is a true political operative, who reportedly said that his goal is to build a permanent Republican majority. His prognostications about Bush and the GOP in his interview with Gigot were all sunny and optimistic, in spite of his boss's increasing unpopularity and dismal ratings. Why leave the game now if he believes there's no way but up from here?

The timing is also suspect; it seems so sudden and rushed. Could this be damage control? Is something about to break that necessitates distancing Rove away from Bush ASAP?

On a less harmless note, Rove might be grooming himself in advance to join another presidential campaign, now that the Bush era is in its nadir. Whatever the true reason, I doubt we've heard the last of this.

Bob Fertik further speculates on all the possible good and bad reasons.

Also, it would be interesting to see what the Democrats' next move is with regards to Rove's role in the Justice firings. Will they let up on the pressure or pursue him more now that he doesn't have the protection of the White House?

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