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Wonky Muse

November 7, 2007

Deadly, Antiquated Thinking

Abstinence only education doesn't work? You don't say.

Of course it's not surprising to those of us who live in the real world. That members of organized religion still engage in premarital sex in spite threats of eternal damnation tells us it's a losing proposition.

Given that reality, it borders on the criminal for a civilized society to continue funding antiquated thinking that potentially causes people to die from STD's, not to mention it's a complete waste of taxpayers' money.

More on the absurdity of this policy from Steve Benen.

It's also important to ask why Democrats like David Obey choose to fund this policy for the sake of ducking a fight and buying support from the Bush White House and Republicans that will never come.

When will Democrats learn that there is no compromising with right wing demagoguery? When will they learn that the proper response to this type of insanity is to emphatically state that they will not participate in supporting policies that endanger public safety?

And speaking of deadly, antiquated thinking:

Under Nicaragua's no-exception abortion ban implemented last year, researchers say that at least three women have died because of complications during pregnancy, while 12 reported cases have yet been analyzed.

The Associated Press detailed the story of one victim, 22-year old Olga Reyes. In her case, the fetus grew outside of her uterus and was unable to survive, prompting excessive bleeding that eventually endangered the mother.
Predictably, the Catholic Church was a strong backer of this law. So much for the sanctity of life.

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