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Wonky Muse

March 18, 2005

Our Final Right

Amidst all the political grandstanding that went on today in the Terri Schiavo case, there is one question that takes precedence over everything else: what would Terri have wanted?
Terri can't speak for herself now but convincing evidence shows what her answer would be if she could. Though she doesn't have a living will, she expressed her wishes not only to her husband but to other people, most notably her brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

From the February, 2000 order [pdf] of Judge George W. Greer, Circuit Court for Pinellas County, Florida Probate Division:

...statements made to Michael Schiavo which were prompted by something on television regarding people on life support that she would not want to life [sic] like that also reflect her intention in this particular situation. Also the statements she made in the presence of Scott Schiavo at the funeral luncheon for his grandmother that "if I ever go like that just let me go. Don't leave me there. I don't want to be kept alive on a machine." and to Joan Schiavo following a television movie in which a man following an accident was in a coma to the effect that she wanted it stated in her will that she would want the tubes and everything taken out if that ever happened to her are likewise reflective of this intent.
Details of the case tell us the following: Terri Schiavo is in a persistent vegetative state; her condition is considered irreversible since portions of her brain have atrophied and been replaced by spinal fluid; she has previously expressed her desire not to be placed on artificial life support if there is no hope of improvement.

Our laws recognize that we have the right to make this final choice, yet Congress is trying to interfere and subjugate Terri's wishes to their own.

If I was in Terri's situation, I certainly wouldn't want Congress politicizing and intruding into what is a very personal and private decision. Would you?

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