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Wonky Muse

November 26, 2007

Cheney's Irregular Ticker

Cue Imperial March theme:

Dick Cheney's found to have atrial fibrillation or an irregular heartbeat, which isn't life threatening unless left untreated. It may have to be corrected with an electrical shock, which sounds unpleasant, although I doubt black site torture unpleasant.

For those keeping count, the guy's had four heart attacks, two angioplasties and a defibrillator implant. It's a bit odd the condition was discovered "accidentally" during a routine treatment. You'd think his medical team would keep on top of that stuff, considering his history of heart problems and the fact that he's the leader-in-waiting of the free world.

Jon Ponder noted the same thing, and makes the argument that something's cooking:

This year, in the absence of a clear choice, Republicans find themselves facing a roster of unacceptable candidates: a philandering liberal, a Mormon, an aging warrior who's considered insufficiently doctrinaire, a lazy television actor, a former preacher with a weak record as governor of Arkansas and a Libertarian kook.

The strain of this disorderliness must be tormenting the GOP power base. And all of it could be wiped away in a simple fiat --- the replacement of Dick Cheney with a new vice president whom they could anoint right away to become Bush's successor.

So who might fit the bill --- who could be counted on to beat the Democrats next November and keep the Bush family secrets for at least four more years?

Only one name comes to mind. He is experienced and available, and tanned and rested --- and his name is Jeb.
Bush and Cheney's jaw-dropping mendacity was certainly on display the last seven years, but I'm still unconvinced of this happening for one main reason: the Bush name is mud right now, and anyone officially anointed his successor doesn't stand a chance. Even the current Republican candidates know this; why do you think they keep invoking Reagan's name in debates and not Bush's?

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