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November 30, 2007

Hostage Situation At Clinton Office Ends

Hostage situation at Hillary Clinton's Rochester, N.H. office ends with the release of four hostages unharmed, including a child, and the surrender of a reportedly bomb-strapped man named Leeland Eisenberg:

Mr. Eisenberg was described by friends and relatives as despondent, with his wife recently asking for a divorce. One person said he had been drinking for 72 hours before he entered the campaign office. Mr. Eisenberg also called CNN to rant about the state of the nation’s mental health system, the network reported.
Apparently, Mr. Eisenberg has made the local headlines before.

Hillary cancelled her scheduled speech in Virginia when news broke out, while Bill Clinton also cancelled a scheduled NYC event. Via The Caucus which liveblogged the situation, she had this to say after it was resolved:

"I am very grateful that this difficult day has ended so well. All of my campaign staff and volunteers are safe,” Mrs. Clinton said. “I want to thank them for their extraordinary courage and coolness under some very difficult pressures and dangerous situations."

Throughout the afternoon, she said, she spoke to the families of those who were held hostage in New Hampshire. "I commend their extraordinary courage," Mrs. Clinton said. "This has been a very hard day for all of us in our campaign."
Video of Hillary's statement including latest updates from WMUR9 New Hampshire.

Limbaugh reportedly said Hillary brought this on herself. Oozing with class, that guy.

So are those ol' reliable Freepers, via Welcome to Pottersville and Max Blumenthal and some commenters on Michelle Malkin's website, one of whom said "pray this is real". Will Bill O'Reilly start calling them hate sites like he did Daily Kos? Don't hold your breath.

Meanwhile, Slate wastes no time speculating on the "winners" and "losers" in this incident. Ugh.

Images: Brian Snyder/Reuters
Mike Ross/Foster's Daily Democrat, AP

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