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Wonky Muse

March 24, 2005

Liberal Blogs

More liberal blogs:

Life As It Ought To Be. Marcia Ellen is an amateur historian who writes about gay and civil rights, religion and education oriented issues. She is also an exceptionally talented poet. Her journal was voted the first ever Most Thought Provoking Journal by her peers in 2003.

Neil's Journal. I tend to be wonkish, so when I need a shot of levity I read Neil's journal. Passionate and contemplative, he shares his thoughts on peace, democracy, human dignity, art and culture, the Scouts and last but not least, his beloved children.

Old Hickory's Weblog. A previous Top Five Pick himself, Bruce is a prolific writer with a focus on foreign policy and international affairs. Fluent in German and Spanish, he translates/analyzes foreign news, providing us fresh perspective on current events. His acerbic wit is also on display in his Chuckie Watch series.

Random Thoughts from a Progressive Mind. Dave, our friendly AOL neighborhood Buddhist, writes on politics, religion, ideology and philosophy. Expect the unexpected from his journal. This well read writer will challenge you to think and even ruffle your feathers but always with a smile.

Sotto Voce. A self-described closet liberal who lives near the buckle of the Bible Belt, Duane's journal features an eclectic mix of politics, music, baseball, literature and photography (his own). He's back with AOL Journals after a lenghty absence, hopefully this time for good. Welcome back, Duane!

Tank Gurl's Two Cents. Tank Gurl discusses the issues of the day with a humorous twist. I always marvel at her ability to make me think and laugh at the same time. She tells stories of her everyday life and seamlessly combines it with her thoughts on politics, religion and civil and gay rights.

The Windmills of My Mind. Marigolds focuses on environmental issues. She's politically active both online and offline and firmly believes in making a personal difference. Other than politics and the environment, her passions are books, poetry, her students, her cats, and the big family she shares with G.

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